AGA Friday Nights

Enjoy Friday night coaching sessions in one of the best facilities in England.

AGA will be setting up an Academy based program in relationship with Walton Casuals Juniors.

The program will allow players to train within an expressive environment. This will help players learn the different elements of the game.  Understanding the value of individual development and team work. All players at every age have strengths and weaknesses in there game! We will help them develop in both areas.

All staff will be FA and UEFA Qualified having had years of experience developing young footballers.

Sessions will cost £15 this is not only the best value for money but also the best quality in the respect of the content in the sessions.

Parents will pay at the start of the month via cheque or bank transfer.  We want the money up front for the month as we plan the sessions to the finest detail. This make the session an Academy one not just a drop in. This way it provides structure for the players and parents.

Sessions will start 6pm at the Elmbridge Sports Hub on Friday 22nd September

You can download a sign up form below if your son/daughter decides to join.

Download a sign up form here  – AGA Friday Nights

I look forward to hearing from you

Anthony Gale